Fees: A reduced rate of R350 per hour is being offered due to the current economic downturn (R1300 for a 4-week booking paid in advance at the first lesson)

Payment: Cash at each lesson (only when lockdown ceases), or via EFT (banking details will be provided on invoice)

Cancellations: Lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours’ advance notice will be charged for in full. If suitable notice is given, lessons may be rescheduled, subject to the availability of time slots.

You will need:

  1. A guitar (electric or acoustic). This is essential, as you will need an instrument on which to practice.
  2. A clip-on tuner. There are numerous reasonably-priced options, made by Korg, Snark, etc. Some even have built-in metronomes. There are also tuning apps available for smartphones.
  3. A metronome. There are free metronome apps available for smartphones.
  4. Plectrums. It is recommended that you start with a medium gauge plectrum.
  5. If possible, a smartphone with WhatsApp installed so that filmed exercises can be sent by Alistair (highly recommended).
  6. A willingness to work hard!
  7. Zoom videoconference software. Ensure that you have adequate storage space on your device to record portions of the Zoom lessons. ( Desktop app | iOS | Android )
  8. A bottleneck slide, if your intention is to learn slide guitar. It is recommended that you purchase a slide that is a comfortable, snug fit for your pinkie finger. It is not prescriptive, but the material of the slide should preferably be glass for electric guitar, and brass for acoustic guitar. It is also recommended that you download a free version itabla lite, or some similar program, against which to check slide intonation/pitch (very important!).

If you’re interested in taking the next step, please contact Alistair using the form below. He’ll be back to you shortly!

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